All Souls Parish

Staff Member: Father Anthony Ochoa

Staff Member: Father Anthony Ochoa

Father Anthony Ochoa

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I was born in Chula Vista, California, a suburb of San Diego, in 1974. I was named and baptized Antonio Bernardo Ochoa, and I am the fourth of six children born to Bernardo Ochoa and Rebecca Sánchez. My parents separated when I was very small and divorced a few years later. I lived with my mom in the early years, with good formation in prayer and Catholic devotion. I played baseball and football, and I was an altar boy. After high school I went to school in Los Angeles, where I also worked for several years.
I moved to St. Louis in 1999 and eventually entered the seminary here at Kenrick-Glennon. Thanks be to God, I was ordained in 2010 and was sent to serve at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, which is now closed. After two years at Holy Trinity I was made Pastor of St. Cecilia, where I served for seven years. I moved to All Souls in 2019 and became Pastor in 2020.
I have a dog named Charlie; I love studying languages, working on puzzles, studying history and living in Overland. It is my great honor and joy to be the Pastor of All Souls.

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